Updated: May 17

As the blessed month of Ramadan is here, so is the crisis of COVID-19. Eid is soon approaching, Muslims around the world will celebrate this blessed day but will not be able to visit friends or family homes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Eid is a celebration of the fasting month and an opportunity to reflect on Ramadan along with all the wonderful aspects of our lives that we are blessed to have. It is important that we, as believers, to unite our families and friends closer together during the outbreak of coronavirus and the difficult times that we face are facing right now. You can still honour Eid at home; by enjoying the sun in your garden and a peaceful picnic area where you can serve your family delicious food outside in the fresh air and get the chance to dress up.

In fact, we have great special offers at Anuara Design right now, in Modern Asian fashion, so you can find elegantly stylish outfits for Eid so that you can still have the Eid festival that you seek to have. Eid is also the time to exchange gifts with friends and relatives, and our garments will be an excellent gift idea for them to enjoy and wear in Eid & occasions that has been postponed due to COVID-19, so be sure to get the best deals on our website. It ensures that your families and friends wear beautiful and elegant customs so that we enjoin in tradition and religion too. Our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has instructed us to purify ourselves before and to wear new, elegant clothes to celebrate Eid.

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For more information on this matter and to stay safe during Eid or Ramadan visit this link.



- Abu B

- Ubaaaaid

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